Third Cohort Application Deadline: 
07/04/2024 23:59

Third Cohort Application Deadline: 07/04/2024 23:59


About Us


Oxfam Hong Kong was appointed by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund (SIE Fund), to create ‘Oxfam Grant for Good’, which is designed to encourage everyone from all walks of life to come up with innovative solutions to address poverty and social exclusion.

We call on both individuals and teams with innovative ideas or projects at any stage, whether it be a prototype, start-up, or scale-up, to join ‘Oxfam Grant for Good’. Together with Oxfam Hong Kong, we can make a collective impact on society.

Our strategic partner – Cyberport

We are partnering with Cyberport on ‘Oxfam Grant for Good’. Cyberport will connect you with different professionals in the industry and expand your network. With their expertise, resources, and guidance, Cyberport and its community companies are well positioned to provide the technical support you need to produce innovative solutions, help you overcome challenges, maximise the impact of your innovative projects and ensure they are sustainable.

About Oxfam Hong Kong

Founded in 1942, Oxfam is a global organisation committed to creating a world without poverty through its advocacy, development, and humanitarian work. Around the globe, Oxfam works with people to find practical and innovative solutions to lift them out of poverty and help them thrive. We collaborate with vulnerable communities, partner organisations, frontline workers, volunteers, and governments.

As part of the global community, Oxfam Hong Kong is devoted to creating a more equitable society. To tackle poverty in Hong Kong, Oxfam Hong Kong set up a domestic programme team in Hong Kong in 1996. Over the years, we have continued to support the local community to thrive. We focus on the elderly, intergenerational poverty, women’s and casual workers’ rights, and opportunities for our ethnically diverse community. Oxfam Hong Kong works hand in hand with partner organisations to care for vulnerable groups and fights for lasting change through policy advocacy.

At the same time, we promote corporate social responsibility, encouraging enterprises to help combat poverty.